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Welcome to Stu6io.Co

Step right up, step right up. This way to the fabulous Circus of Mindful Freakxx. Come one, come all, and witness madness in the making. The entrance is free and the show is one of a kind. That's right folks, you don't pay a cent to get in. But you have to pay to get out.

The cost is unleashing the inner clown within you. So step this way, let the show begin.

Welcome to the World of Mindfreakxx.

We are a group of rebel clowns masquerading as artists. trying to conquer the world with our eccentric craftsmanship; building a wonderland of infinite oddities. Our brand, the Mindfreakxx DNA, is an artistry that takes the garment as the canvas, and the imagination of the mind as a palette of paints.

Our stu6io believes that the world is a giant theme park. Packed with many quests and guests, slivers of chaos lining its fabric. But with a little madness and courage, you will be able to find the flair in the fun and the fair. To build within this giant theme park, a theme park of your own.

Faith in creativity; the magic potion is just the belief that you have the capability to be a creator. Just like any great artist, scientist, performer or creator; they are all rebellious visionaries with a sprinkle of freak and madness. Everyone laughs at their craziness, fools of the norm - a clown that has lost touch with the status quo of the world. This is their reality before they actually make it. The uphill fight to find their courage, the resilience to step into the unknown. To be great, they have to take steps where no soul has ventured before.

This is the delicate difference that makes the magic happen. Life begins where fear ends.

The Founding Freakxx, from their humble beginnings as a YouTuber and Radio-announcer, MJ & Vivian, took the leap of faith to create content they have great passion for, which then materialized into a clothing business. The IKEA DIY spirit that they brought into the Mindfreakxx brand, has evolved to become one of the brand’s most iconic features.

We, the Founding Freakxx, want to be the beacon of inspiration to those who believe in their craft through our DNA. It is our hope that everyone, can one day find their wonderland.

And this is how, the STU6IO named the brand after MINDFREAKXX with the double XX (seems a little extra), that suggests the unlimited possibilities of a free mind.

We don't just create clothing. We’re building the Ferris wheel that brings together fashion, art & Malaysian culture, and the Merry-go-round for everyone to be a part of.

This is the Mindfreakxx Universe - where Madness maketh Magic. // © all freaks reserved

MonkeyJackson / artsy, fussy, freaky /

Content-creator / Designer / MC
124,000 subscribers on YouTube_

124,000 subscribers on YouTube_

MJ embrakes his journey as a Fashion creator on Youtube since 2017, known as the Fashionboy™. His unique sense in fashion and aesthetic has inspired a lot of people that lack of inspiration as well as confidence, and he eventually won the internet’s heart. Soon after he hits 100k subscribers in 2018, he founded his 1st ever namesake brand - mmmstu6io. The name derives from one of his iconic show“MJMADEME_” which does makeovers for his viewers. Since it’s debut, the brand received great attention and ovewhelming response from the market, and the rest is history. In the 4th year, MJ decided to close the brand and move on to a new chapter - Mindfreakxx. MJ founded the current brand with his soulmate, Vivian. Together, they aim to create more quality art and conversation for Malaysia culture.

VivianLiu / notyourtypicalgirlnextdoor /

AstroRadio(GoXuan) / Actress / Content-creator
130,000 followers on Instagram_

130,000 followers on Instagram_

Vivian loves to challenge status quo; creating something truly belongs to her. After 4 years in radio & entertainment industry, she decided to stepped out from her comfort zone, by joining his soulmate, MJ on a new, unknown, and challeging journey. Vivian has her rebellion side, eventhough it’s not as extreme as MJ, but both of them compliments each other. Mindfreakxx is a perfect combination of both the duo.

Mindfreakxx logo carries a gothic vibe, as the founders are fans of Harry Potter, Alice in the wonderland, Vampire, Dungeon of Dragons, YUGIOH and many of those fantasies. The M logo was designed to portray a dungeon/castle wrapped in thorns. When you rotate it, you will find a crown. The idea is to remind yourself that, in life, you have to know how to turn things around to reach your goal. Be fearless, rebel against the status quo.

Like many other stories, to reach the wonderland/castle, you have to go through loads of obstacles and challenges, fighting evils and witches to reclaim your castle. Our mission is to inspire people to view their lives as a quest/a board game and challenge themselves to become the masters of their own destiny.


The setting of the brand is a themepark. Our clothing-label is inspired by themepark entry tickets.

Signature care label

Our signature care label that sew on the back (left corner) of all our garments. It’s an extend of FashionboyMJ’s IP, his most iconic programme - DIY stu6io. He oftens tear down labels of any kind and turn them into an accessories to decorate garment. Therefore, when it comes to his brand, this is a MUST-HAVE element.


On top of that, there are 5 credentials in different colours that separate each of the category within the brand. Not to spill the bean, but once you collect all 5 of them, it unveil the "secrets". So,let's get 'em all, shall we?